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  • This is a real factory of new businesses

    Company creation factory

            BenchMark Consulting LLP (BMC), was established in 1992 and was engaged in the preparation of prospectuses for the issue and evaluation of enterprises subject to mass privatization. Participated in the organization of investment and privatization funds and the corporatization of enterprises. Provided consulting services for the development of marketing strategy and development of "Arta Software" LLP. Developed Investment programs of joint-stock companies "Astana-Teplotransit" and "Astana-Energia". Conducted marketing research of commodity markets. Today, the Company is included in the List of accredited marketing companies of the National Agency for Technological Development and is actively working on the introduction of modern methods of managing marketing processes within the company with the help of IT, provides assistance to organizations in developing marketing strategies and plans. 

          The company is currently actively promoting service-oriented clusters on its own, author's, Kazakh cloud Internet platform of universal services BMC Sales, such as: National Distribution Network www.ncdn.kz , Innovation portal of the SEZ PIT Alatau www.pitalatau.kz, a tourist portal, a cluster of light industry is under development. The Partner sales network "BMC Sales" operates on this platform, which supplies school clothes to 100 schools of the republic and unites various manufacturers of Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, China and other countries. The company actively provides assistance to orphans and low-income children.

               The company has developed a Unified educational portal, portal www.astana-bilim.kz and www.sko-bilim.kz uniting schools of these regions, The Social and Business network AGARTU has been created, which is a dialogue platform and a "single window" for all users of the platform. The company is a member of the International Alliance NATURAL SECURITY, for monitoring the safety of the child, "the human body as a password".
              BMC supports business by providing Innovative services (see Services) and focuses on those activities that are at the intersection of the industrial and social spheres, those that can deliver real competitive advantages to domestic business and help in the speedy implementation of the directions indicated in the "Development Strategy of Kazakhstan until 2050". This is a real factory for creating new effective businesses.

                 More details about the methods and methods of promotion and sales can be found on the Services and Our video page

    Improving your business!

    A properly built organizational structure and a competent distribution of powers, this is the magic lever that will increase the efficiency of your business

    Our key employees

    General Director

    Basheyev Asker Shariazdanovich

    Chief IT Architect

    Бикмаматов Ильдар

    Chief IT Developer

    Михалёв Алексей

    FullStack Developer

    Bolatbek Dinara


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    Главный IT разработчик

    Михалёв Алексей

    Программист PHP

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    Android/iOS разработчик

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    Системн. админ.

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    Менедж. по тех.поддерж.

    Дуйсекеев Нурсултан

    Менедж. по раб. с клиен.

    Аубакиров Талгат


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    Менеджер проектов

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    Оператор call-центра

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    Идрисова Айжан


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    Руковод. отдела закупок

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    Менеджер отдела закупок

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    Главный бухгалтер

    Кошербаева Гулбаршин

    Пом. глав. бухгалтера

    Онгарбаева Адема


    Ахметжанова Гулбадан

    Our advantages


    Our business consulting activity has been repeatedly noted by leading expert committees and research groups. This fact confirms our leadership in the consulting market. However, we strive for further growth and development and are always open for cooperation.


    Our experience allows us to easily navigate the world of modern business. If you run a company whose main goal is to provide high-quality goods and services, our recommendations will be useful for your commercial success.


    We provide exclusive marketing recommendations that help improve their company status and increase profits. They are based on an in-depth study of our clients' companies and are designed to increase the interest of potential customers in your company's products.