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500 manufacturers presented their products at Ulttyq Onim-2019 in Nur-Sultan

At the opening ceremony of the annual exhibition of Kazakhstan's producers Ulttyq Onim-2019, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Roman Sklyar expressed confidence that it will have a positive multiplier effect and will give a new impetus to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. The event was organized by the Baiterek organizations and the DAMU foundation.
According to the Damu Foundation, the number of start-up projects in Kazakhstan increases every year, and interest in government business support programs from young entrepreneurs increases. This year, over 500 companies from all over Kazakhstan, as well as from Turkey, Azerbaijan, South Korea and Russia, presented their products at the exhibition.
The exhibition presents products of the light and food industries, engineering, pharmaceuticals, as well as companies engaged in the production of furniture, wood products, jewelry and more.
A special place at the exhibition “Ulttyq Onim” was taken by the manufacturers of light industry, which organized a fashion show demonstrating the quality products of domestic producers.
For participation in the fashion show at the 5th annual exhibition of Kazakhstan manufacturers “Ulttyq Onim” is awarded a letter of thanks to LLP  school and children's clothing garment factory.

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